A Life-Changing Confirmation Experience for Teens!



The greatest Confirmation program in the history of the created universe has officially been launched today! (No exaggeration). Check it out at ConfirmationStudy.com

See the New Evangelization in action. This changes EVERYTHING!


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3 responses to “A Life-Changing Confirmation Experience for Teens!

  1. Dawn

    Deacon Harold, you may want to pray about suggesting to some priests that we as a Church start on-line Confirmation study programs, too. Of course, the students would have to meet at least once or a few times with a priest to be sure they knew everything, but other than that, it could be done online. I think this would help a lot of busy, working adults like my brother, who was never Confirmed.


  2. Thank you, Dawn. I would say a couple of things. In many places, the sacrament of Confirmation is taught like a subject in school–the youth get a lot of information about the Catholic faith and have to do service hours, but there is very little emphasis on a deeply personal relationship with Jesus that is lived from their hearts. The result: Confirmation becomes Catholic graduation. An online Confirmation program would be practical but impersonal. If it were interactive and dynamic, that could be a possibility.

    My belief is that kids should be Confirmed before receiving First Communion. Let’s give them the grace early and then teach them how to cooperate with that grace for the rest of their lives, not just as teens. Formation should be ongoing and continuous, not just at a specified age or grade level.

    I will pray for your brother. I hope he finds time in his busy schedule to make Confirmation a priority. God’s grace can do amazing things in his life!

    • Dawn

      Deacon Harold,

      Interactive and dynamic is definitely what I was going for! Look at Rosetta Stone and how successful that has become. Many colleges are even using that now. St. John Paul II said, “Do not be afraid of the new technologies.” Well, the Church was slow to embrace the Web, (I don’t mean slow that we were against it, but just slow getting online, and realizing how important the Internet was) but we are there now. This should be our next step. It is only the logical progression! Pray on it, like I said.

      I also want you to know that I totally agree with you about Confirmation being earlier. This was done in years past, I think, and then was changed. Kids need the power of the Spirit to combat all that we face today.


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